| 5.04.2007 |
With our new Digital Waybill system you can log into your personal account with us, and either enter, track an order or find a POD.

| 7.07.2007 |
We have launched our new web site and are working hard to make  this site useful and informative. We will be making updates on a regular basis to ensure the ease of use of our site. If you have suggestions on how to make this site better, please let us know.         

Houston, TX USA

1445 North Loop West, Suite 965,
Houston, TX 77008
Tel: (713) 802-0995

 FREEWAY DELIVERY is a Houston based delivery service
We have been in business since May, 2000, born out of the idea of hard working professional warehouse personnel who demand 100% customer satisfaction. We offer fast and dependable service. You can always count on us for your deliveries and hotshot services.

CLICK HERE for letter from President and CEO

Boyd H. Rowland
President and CEO

 Customizable delivery service
We will customize our delivery services to fit your needs instead of demanding that your needs fit our service.

 Your #1 choice
We want to be your number one choice for delivery services, and we are sure you and your customers will see the difference.